Custom Drilled in CanadaWithout exception, every Braelin alloy passes through a complex series of
computer algorithms to ensure exact precision is met for all fitment points:‚Äč

  • Hub bore
  • Pitch circle diameters
  • Brake caliper and suspension component clearance
  • Meeting load rating requirements

Alloy designs are conceptualized and tested for proper fitment on each vehicle using an advanced 3D-mapping system that collects around 300 data points, along with our proprietary wheel fitment software prior to casting. Alloys are then cast without a specific hub bore or bolt pattern so they may be custom-tailored to your vehicle upon special order.

Once a design has been selected the machining process begins. Our 3-axis vertical mills, precise to 8 microns and more commonly used in the aerospace industry, ensure that each Braelin alloy is drilled to the most exacting specifications possible.

Braelin is proudly Canadian and uses one of the most rigorous quality control processes in the industry.

Unapologetically authentic, every Braelin alloy undergoes a three-step process that includes an inspection at each stage of the wheel’s production. Each model manufactured by Braelin is:

  • Impact tested
  • CASS tested for corrosion
  • TUV, DOT and JWL approved
  • Quality control team inspected at every step including casting, machining, painting, loading, reception and once again after final machining.