NutsWe take your safety very seriously.

Our lug nuts are not only designed to enhance the visual appeal of your wheel, they are produced in manufacturing facilities that are ISO and QS certified and use the latest equipment.​

Each nut is cold forged for increased strength and uniformity and then machine polished before plating to ensure a longer-lasting and superior finish. Each thread is 100% Go/No Go checked to assure a consistent premium quality.​

We have a large assortment of open-end and closed-end acorn, spline and tuner nuts, making Dialyn the one-stop source for quality wheel accessories.​


*IMPORTANT SAFETY CONSIDERATION: Please do not underestimate the importance of selecting the correct nut or bolt for your vehicle. Nuts & bolts are some of the most critical fasteners on a vehicle. Selecting the wrong ones can cause the loss of a wheel. It is important to be absolutely certain that the selected fastener has the correct seat style (cone, radius, flat) as well as dimensionsand thread pitch required to fit the exact wheel and vehicle combination. Our FastFinderTM software makes this process smooth and easy for you. It provides you with all the necessary information.

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