Tire Valves & Studs

TPMSDiscover our extensive selection of TPMS sensors.

TPMS replacement sensors come in a variety of types and it’s important to understand the differences to choose the ones that best fit your needs. Dialyn offers three main types of sensors:

Original Equipment

An OE replacement sensor is exactly what the vehicle was equipped with at the factory, or a unit that 100% equivalent in every way, including the programming process. These will generally work only with a specific year, make and model and cannot be re-programmed for use in other models.


A programmable sensor that can cover the vast majority of applications with just three SKUs, the REDI-Sensor is plug-and-play and programs and installs like the OE. These sensors have an articulated valve stem so they can fit virtually any type of original or aftermarket wheel model.

Schrader EZ-Sensor

A programmable sensor that covers nearly the entire TPMS market with just one SKU and features a snap-in style rubber valve with very compact sensor body that can fit nearly any OE or aftermarket wheel. The EZ-Sensor requires an additional step of being first “configured” to the make and model in question before it can be programmed to work on a specific vehicle.

Tire Valves


Our tire valves have been specifically designed for Canadian weather conditions and are all aluminium-based.

All Dialyn valves are 100% leak tested and come with EPMD rubber that makes them resistant to ozone and oxidants. Dialyn valves are QS900, TUV and TS16946 certified.