Wheel Sizing

Change your Seasonal PerformanceYour vehicle is always equipped with the optimal wheel and tire size upon purchase; however, you can upsize or downsize your wheels and tires if desired.

Upsizing is an option if you want to change the aesthetics of your vehicle, as well as improve your car’s handling and performance.

Spring / Summer 2024

Our team’s devotion ensures our alloy wheels provide a unique style and guarantees the highest quality standards to match your most demanding performance needs.

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Winter 2023/24

Get ready for winter.

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Winter Steel 2023/24

Get ready for winter.

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Pros of Upsizing Your Alloy Wheels

  • More rubber in contact with the road to improve your vehicle’s stability
  • Enhanced responsiveness, handling and braking
  • Improved vehicle appearance

Cons of Upsizing your Alloy Wheels

  • Firmer ride due to shorter and stiffer tire sidewall
  • Less cushioning to absorb impacts from road hazards
  • Less tire sidewall to protect the outer lip of your alloy wheel


Downsizing is an important step to preparing your vehicle for winter.

Pros of Downsizing Your Alloy Wheels

  • Better traction in deep snow and slush
  • More affordable solution for winter wheel/tire packages
  • Smaller diameter will allow a higher profile sidewall better adapted for harsh road conditions

Cons of Downsizing Your Alloy Wheels

  • Reduced handling with a higher profile tire
  • Larger wheel gap between tire and wheel well

Summer Plus Sizing vs Winter Minus Sizing


In summer, plus sizing allows you to use a larger diameter wheel with a lower tire side wall, allowing you to maintain the overall tire diameter. This results in a stiffer ride and a wider contact patch, improving the look and overall handling by making the cornering/steering response better.

In winter, minus sizing is the best way to lower the cost of seasonal changeovers and achieve optimal cold-weather performance. Smaller-diameter wheels with narrower and taller tire side walls will help cut through the deep snow and improve traction on icy surfaces. It will also save you a considerable amount on the cost as you’ll no longer have to remove your tires from their rims or rebalance twice a year.