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You’ll become an instant wheel and tire professional by having all the right answers at your fingertips. That’s what makes FastFinder™ - our proprietary and revolutionary wheel fitment software and online ordering system - unique. FastFinder™ a tool for everyone. 

The software’s foundation is a database we built - and continue to build - by measuring every vehicle collecting over 200 data points using 3D data-mapping technology. 

All FastFinder™ needs from you is the vehicle information, and it will find ideal wheel/tire combinations in seconds.  

Fitment is guaranteed and no detail is overlooked, right down to verifying load ratings and ensuring the OEM lug wrench works with the installation hardware. 

If you’re a dealer, FastFinder™ can be a very powerful point-of-sale tool as you can recommend the wheel and tire packages in seconds, and sell with the confidence that what you recommend is just right. 

Our online software is free for any authorized Fastco dealer, and it takes only a few minutes to set up. Learn how to use FastFinder™ and start selling wheel and tire packages with ease. 

Private Label and OEM (or OER) Wheel & Tire Programs

This is our speciality, and one of the fastest-growing segments of our business. Currently, we have wheel and tire programs with seven major OEM automotive manufacturers in Canada. 

Our customized turnkey solutions and private label programs offer the following benefits: 

  • Canadian exclusive wheel designs with your own branding;
  • A wide selection of tire lines to choose from;
  • Billing on your national account program;
  • Pre-mounted wheel and tire packages with a free supplementary tire inflation placard;
  • POP materials including retail catalogues, flyers and displays;
  • Online ordering made easy with FastFinder™, the most advanced dealer website in the industry;
  • A real fitment guarantee you can count on;
  • Same-day shipping if ordered before 2pm EST;
  • Free shipping on wheels, and wheel and tire packages.
  • Just-in-time delivery with no inventory investment. Order only what you need, when you need it!

To learn more about our programs, please contact our National Sales Director, Scott Hannah, at or at 1-800-663-4896.

Direct Fit Alloy Wheels

We have more than 79,000 vehicles measured in our database, each using more than 200 fitment data points to ensure our products are tailored precisely to a vehicle’s requirements.

What is a Direct Fit wheel?

  • Fits exactly like your original equipment
  • Accommodates your original hardware* and lug wrench
  • No hub rings required
  • TPMS compatible

* Vehicles equipped with bolts: Bolt length must match the data indicated in our B2B for a specific year, make, model.

Wheel Visualizer

The wheel visualizer application that helps your customer visualize how wheels will look on their vehicle before buying.

With real photography, accurate fitment data and easy integration into your existing website, it’s by far the most realistic and advanced vehicle configurator on the market today.


  • Accurate fitment data
  • Works on all browsers, smartphones and devices
  • Updated weekly with new vehicles and products
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • No special software to install
  • Easy to use

Wheel & Tire Package Assembly

Fastco offers the best mounting and balancing service in Canada.  

All our wheel and tire packages are preassembled, packaged and shipped to your door with all the required installation hardware, TPMS and a free supplementary tire pressure door placard. 

The precision balancing that takes place before the package is sent to you ensures a quick and headache-free installation and stops customers from returning with a vibration problem that will cost you both time and money to fix. 

Here are some of the benefits of using our mounting and balancing services:

  • We use nitrogen!
  • We save you time by reducing seasonal demand allowing faster customer service.
  • We ensure the most precise balance available. We use only the best Hofmann Geodyna Optima balancers with custom flange plate adapters to simulate a real ride.
  • We offer a free supplementary tire pressure door placard. This ensures you are running the correct air pressure with your secondary wheels to prevent tire damage or wear issues.

Tire Studding

We exclusively use aluminum studs, which are legal in provinces where studded tires are permitted.

With Canadian winters getting colder and icier than ever, studded tires are quickly regaining favour with drivers from coast to coast. Our large inventory of studdable winter patterns and in-house studding service allow us to offer rapid fulfillment for all your studded tire needs.

Please note: Usage restrictions vary from province to province, please check local regulations for more information.

Custom Drilling

Our 3-axis CNC vertical mills along with blank versions of many popular wheel models in stock give us unmatched speed and flexibility to deliver what you need when you need it. Whether it’s a new never-before-seen PCD, a special one-off show car application, a complete custom-fit stagger setup or instant replenishment of a sold-out SKU, Fastco’s machining centre can handle it.  

Our Braelin and Replika wheel lines have more hub-centric and direct-fit applications than any other wheel brand in Canada.

Marketing Support

We have a complete marketing department in-house dedicated to promoting all of Fastco’s brands. We analyze product trends and demands, and conceptualize professional catalogues, flyers, promotional material, and advertisements.  

Our brands are active across social media; we participate at car events; have appeared on TV shows; participate in magazine interviews; and we organize photo shoots, video shoots, and much more.  

Our communication efforts are based on specific branding guidelines in order to maintain brand notoriety in the wheel and tire industry.  

Our dealers can request marketing expertise and graphic design support anytime they need to promote our alloy wheel brands (Fast Wheels, Braelin, Replika, Fast HD Series, Fast EV, Dialyn) or wheel and tire packages. 

Customer Service and Technical Support

Our team is friendly, bilingual, knowledgeable and will pick up your call within three rings; and you’ll be greeted by a real person, not an answering machine. We also have a dedicated technical support team on standby for more complex wheel and tire concerns. 

Our Technical Services Department is on the cutting edge of emerging vehicle technology and maintains one of the world’s most extensive vehicle fitment databases. They are just as comfortable working with individual clients as they are with OEMs and offer education to both via live presentations and webinars. 

Territory managers also visit clients wherever they are. They understand the unique traits of each region and will provide real-time feedback to dealers on what products are successful in their area. 

We are dedicated to delivering a product that will fit securely, and safely after rigorous testing and data acquisition.  


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