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Plus Sizing & Minus Sizing

Enhance your vehicle’s appearance & performance by plus sizing!

One of the best ways to enhance your vehicle’s look and handling is to install larger alloy wheels with lower-profile tires. This process is called “plus-sizing.”

Plus-sizing means more rubber in contact with the road, to improve your vehicle’s stability, responsiveness, handling, braking, and appearance.

This works by increasing the diameter of the wheels (+1 inch, +2 inch, etc.) and combining them with shorter, wider and higher-performance oriented tires. Since the overall diameter of the tire doesn’t change, the gearing and speedometer accuracy remain the same.

Note: Plus Sizing will result in a slightly firmer ride due to the shorter, stiffer tire. Your wheel and tire professional can recommend the Plus Size that delivers the perfect combination of performance, comfort and style for you.


  • Wider Contact Patch
  • Better Stability
  • Quicker Steering Response
  • Sharper Handling
  • Sportier Appearance


Winter Minus Sizing


In winter, minus sizing is the best way to lower the cost of seasonal changeovers and achieve optimal cold-weather performance.  

Smaller-diameter wheels with narrower and taller tire side walls will help cut through the deep snow and improve traction on icy surfaces. It will also save you a considerable amount on the cost as you’ll no longer have to remove your tires from their rims or rebalance twice a year. 

Spring / Summer 2024

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